Birthday Parties / Small Group Bookings

Bookings will now be booked through our online system. We will call to confirm all bookings the week of your party.

Rentals are available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. All parties are booked with a small overlap, and you must be cleaned up and ready to go at the end of your booking time.

Birthday party price (2-hour time slots) for up to 15 participants. This is the maximum allowed with 1 coach! Please contact the office if you require an extra instructor if having more than 15 participants attend. The cost is an additional $50 for the booking and will need to be paid in advance of the party.

**NOTE** If you arrive with more than 15 participants and an extra coach was not communicated and paid for in advance, the kids will have to take turns rotating into the gym. More than 15 participants at any time will not be allowed!!

  • 2 hours $195 + GST
  • All parties are booked with the first 75 minutes in the gym and the remaining 45 minutes in the party room for food, cake and presents
  • Fee includes an instructor for all activities in the gym area
  • *All participants attending the party must have a current waiver form signed by their parent. These can be downloaded from our website and brought the day of the party or can be signed when dropping the child off on the day of the event.

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All participants must have a current waiver form that needs to be resigned as of July 1st of the current year ending June 30th the following year and signed by a parent if they are attending Birthday Parties or Drop-In at the facility.

Waiver & PIPA Information