Birthday Party Booking Confirmation Form

Thank you for booking your birthday party with Mountain Shadows Gymnastics! We are very excited to have you at our facility this weekend for your special day!!

A few reminders for your booking:

  1. Bookings are welcome to arrive 10-15 minutes early to help meet and greet the parents. Coaches will be in facility 20 minutes before the first booking of the day.
  2. Please have all participants sign in when they arrive. The coach will have a sheet at the front desk and parents will need to put the child’s first and last name, as well as contact number and signature.
  3. Participants will need to have a current waiver form on file (valid July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019) in order to play in the gym. Waiver forms are available online or in facility when parents arrive.
  4. Your booking includes up to 15 participants (including the birthday person and any siblings).
  5. The coach is in charge of the 1 ¼ hour gym time and will divide it between games and free time. Please let the coach know if there is anything specific you would like them to do to make your booking even more enjoyable.
  6. Trampoline use is not permitted outside of structured programs and will be covered with mats for parties and drop-in gym times.
  7. You will have 45 minutes in the kitchen. We have a fridge/freezer, deep freeze, sink and lots of counter space for you to use. Please complete a quick tidy-up (clean up items, wipe down the table and counters) at the end of your booking. Cleaning supplies can be found under in the cupboard under the kitchen sink.
  8. We ask bookings to please respect your booking time and ensure you are cleaned up and ready to go at the end of your booking time. Parties are booked with a slight overlap and the next booking will be waiting to set-up for their kitchen time. Please let the coach know if you need anything or assistance.

We can be reached in the office via this email address or by phone 403-938-0496 if you have any questions or comments. Thank you and wishing you an awesome booking at Mountain Shadows!!!

Can you please answer the following questions to help us better prepare for your booking: